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By Benjamin Lee Whorf, John B. Carroll, Stuart Chase

2011 Reprint of 1956 version. complete facsimile of the unique version, now not reproduced with Optical reputation software program. The speculation prompt by means of Whorf that the constitution of a person's language is an element within the means within which he is aware truth and behaves with appreciate to it has attracted the eye of linguists, anthropologists, psychologists, philosophers, in addition to a wide phase of the general public. this can be a selection of very important essays released by means of Whorf over the process his lifetime.

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Oldest son attended and described to him, Wharf became ac uainted with Fritz Kunz, a well-known speaker and writer, at present the executive vice-president of the Foundation for Integrated Education, Inc. Kunz and Wharf had many common interests, especially (as Mr. Kunz this that brought them to work together quite closely. One result of this friendship was Kunz's suggestion that Whorf write an article about linguistics for a theosophical journal published at Madras, India; the anguage, mm ,an rea Ity was t e resu t.

The structure bears indications 4 of dating from the reign of the Aztec king Ahuitzotl, who died in 1502; but, as the figures in question show likenesses to forms known to be over a thousand years more ancient than this, it may be that in the building of the temple they were carved in obedience to artistic traditions, or copied from older architectural work of this region. They form a band extending along the top of a much more conspicuous frieze of larger carvings on the inner walls of the inner room or court.

Nor did Whorf neglect to bring the implications of linguistics to the attention of readers of Main Currents. Reporting several interesting facts which had appealed to his interest at a scientific meet" " There is no word for 'word' in Chinese. ' Words in the sense of vocabulary units exist as either of one or two syllables, a fact obscured by the traditional Chinese system of writing, which keeps every syllable separate. This was pointed out by Dr. Y. R. Chao of Yale in a paper "Word conceptions in , has no relative clauses, and that a different kind of order-system rules the logic of such relationships.

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