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By Isaiah Gafni

The original duality of Jewish lifestyles, in which a huge Jewish centre within the Land of Israel flourished along a wide and filthy rich diaspora, was once one of many remarkable positive aspects of moment Temple and post-Temple Jewish lifestyles. As nowa days, ongoing Jewish dispersion raised questions that went to the guts of Jewish self-identity, and declarations of allegiance to the ancestral fatherland have been usually followed through likely opposite expressions of 'local-patriotism' at the a part of Jewish diaspora groups. The destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple in 70 CE, and the following failure below Bar-Kokhba to restore political independence (135 CE) compelled Jews in Judaea in addition to within the diaspora to re-examine the character of the bonds that associated Jews through the international to 'The Land', and whilst effected a re-evaluation of the authority constitution that claimed precedence for the communal leaders nonetheless functioning in Jewish Palestine. The chapters of this ebook, first introduced in Oxford because the 3rd Jacobs Lectures in Rabbinic suggestion in January 1994, deal with a large spectrum of questions when it comes to the centre-diaspora truth of Jewish lifestyles in past due Antiquity.>

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While this exchange is presented as a confrontation between a Jewish sage and a min (or hegemon), it would appear to be primarily a literary Palestine (New York: Jewish Theological Seminary of America, 1942), p. 141 n. E. Urbach, The Sages: Their Concepts and Beliefs (Jerusalem: Magnes Press, 1975), p. 542 n. 62 (printed talmudic versions read here: R. Hanina). 19. The phrase is "'Nam 1^23 and is obviously some sort of exclamatory oath, apparently from the Greek ccYaTtri; while S. Krauss (Griechische und lateinische Lehnwdrter im Talmud, Midrash und Targum, I-II [Berlin: S.

Pes. 87b). Once antiquity in the land of Babylonia was established, it was easy to embellish it with oral traditions. Thus, whereas even Palestinian Jews told stories about Abraham being imprisoned and cast into a fiimace by King Nimrod (Gen. R. 13 [ed. Theodor-Albeck, p. 364]), Jews in Babylonia were instructed by their sages about what blessing to recite upon actually seeing the furnace (or, for that matter, the lion's den from the days of Daniel; b. Ber. 57b). ^^ When one remembers that two of the four rivers flowing out of Eden and mentioned at the beginning of the book of Genesis (Gen.

What did they (the powers) do to them? They made them lie down in the streets and drew ploughs over them. R. Azariah said in R. Aha's name: 'That is a good augury; as the street outlives those who travel on it, yet itself remains forever, so shall thy sons outlive the nations of the world, and they will remain forever' {Gen. R. 9 [ed. Theodor-Albeck, pp. 395-97]). While homiletics like these might be applied to alleviate the pain of 'galut', it is doubtful whether the dispersion as such was die focus of the derasha.

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