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By Krishna Gopi

Coiled like a snake on the base of the backbone, kundalini is the non secular strength that lies dormant in each man or woman. as soon as woke up, usually via meditation and yoga practices, it rises up the backbone and unearths expression within the type of non secular wisdom, mystical imaginative and prescient, psychic powers, and eventually, enlightenment. this can be the vintage first-person account of Gopi Krishna, a typical Indian householder who, on the age of thirty-four, after years of unsupervised meditation, all of sudden skilled the awakening of kundalini in the course of his morning perform. the tale of this transformative event, and the author's fight to discover stability amid quite a few strong physiological and psychic uncomfortable side effects, varieties the center of the publication. His precise descriptions of his dramatic internal reports and indicators comparable to temper swings, consuming problems, and agonizing sensations of heat—and of ways, with assistance from his spouse, he eventually stabilized at the next point of consciousness—make this the most useful classics of religious awakening on hand.

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During the next day and the days following, I paid scrupulous attention to my diet, taking only a few slices of bread or a little boiled rice with a cup of milk every three hours from morning until about ten o'clock at night. The amount of food taken each time was extremely small, a few morsels and no more. After the last meal, when I laid myself down to sleep, I found to my great joy a gentle drowsiness stealing upon me in spite of the shining halo surrounding my head, and I fell asleep enveloped in a radiating and soothing mantle of light.

It will be discussed in more detail in another work. The urge for knowing the unknown, for supersensory knowledge and religious experience, existing deep in the human mind, is the expression of the embodied and incarcerated human consciousness to win nearer to its innate majestic form, overcoming in this process the disabilities impo the vital principle inhabiting his body, by which alone the embodied self can become cognizant of its true immortal state. It does not signify merely the development of the intellect or reason, which are but instruments of the indwelling spirit, but of the whole personality, of both its conscious and subconscious parts, which involves an overhauling and reshaping of the organic machine to make it a fit abode for a higher intelligence, essentially superior in nature to that which resides in the normal human body.

As happens even during these days, the followers of the various sects must have tried to tear each other down, belittling the methods of their rivals and extolling their own. The existence of this unceasing warfare, as is obvious, could not but be detrimental to the general acceptance of the system relating to Kundalini, which in consequence was relegated to the background, especially because of the rigid physical regimen, the magnitude of the risk and last but not the least the rarity of a successful consummation, and in the course of time was consigned to the lumber room of obsolete creeds.

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