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A entire consultant to the soul, this booklet bargains a simple snatch of the genuine essence inside of every body, generally known as the soul. How is the soul incarnated and the way does it play a task in our daily lives? Illuminating in its info, it leaves the reader with a deeper figuring out of who we really are as souls.

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Relationships that have been slowly deteriorating for years may suddenly collapse, forcing a confrontation, forcing the people to communicate and clear the air. The relationship may re-establish itself and be better than ever, or it may be over. In either case, it becomes clear so that both people have more freedom. The Light, which is the energy force MSIA students are taught to work with, originates in the high, positive realms of pure Spirit. Its energy is positive. Its force can only be used in love and for the highest good of all.

Then you will get to handle that later. Even if you are involved in a situation that is not a situation of karmic release, do not judge yourself or put yourself down. Just go through it, get out the other side as rapidly as possible, and go on. Don’t look back; it doesn’t help. Don’t burden yourself down with guilt and remorse that you are going to have to handle later. Just let it go. When a situation is a karmic release manifesting itself, you will feel, within all your nervous irritation, a calmness.

If the one who performed these punishments got caught up in the experience to the point that he did it unnecessarily or for pleasure or unjustly, even according to their laws, he might very well find himself in his next incarnation being born without a hand or arm or unable to speak. He would be allowed that experience to gain the understanding of what it was like, and thereby fulfill the karmic debt. If a person experienced a form of sadism in one life, that person might find himself the child or the spouse of a sadist the next lifetime (or a later one).

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