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By Harold Koplewicz

Those that wouldn't dream of blaming mom and dad for a child's bronchial asthma or diabetes are frequently speedy accountable undesirable parenting for a child's hyperactivity, melancholy, or university phobia.  The mom and dad, in flip, usually blame their young children, believing that they're lazy or rebellious.  Even worse, the youngsters with those mental difficulties usually blame themselves, confident that they're simply undesirable kids.  In It's Nobody's Fault, esteemed baby and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Harold S. Kopelwicz ultimately places an finish to  this pointless--and erroneous--cycle of blame and is helping mom and dad get the assistance they wish for his or her bothered children.

Written in a simple, anecdotal variety and jam-packed with interesting tales of actual young children and their mom and dad, It's Nobody's Fault is an necessary consultant for a person who lives or works with young ones who need assistance.

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