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By Peter D. Miscall

Peter Miscall's remark on Isaiah was once one of the first volumes within the sequence Readings released via JSOT Press in 1993. Sheffield Phoenix Press is now relaunching the sequence, below the editorship of John Jarick, with a 2d variation of Miscall's paintings (including a brand new preface), and completely new volumes on Haggai by way of Tim Meadowcroft and Romans through Stanley Porter. the purpose of the sequence is still to offer compact literary readings of the biblical books, unencumbered by way of the paraphernalia of conventional feedback and alert to the effect of literary experiences on biblical interpretation. every one contributor to the sequence techniques their textual content from their very own own literary place. during this wonderful and attribute research, Miscall concentrates specifically at the play of pictures within the prophetic ebook, their interweaving and relentless intertextuality.

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This image of Zion is narrated in 36–37; transformed and glorious mother Zion is displayed in 66. Zion and Jerusalem are used in parallel in Isaiah and figure the people as a woman. We will trace her fortunes. In v. 9, the people come center stage and speak. They are the remnant and through God’s intervention they have avoided the annihilation that befell Sodom and Gomorrah. The prophet cuts them off with a renewed call to hear but they, in their corruption, are equated with the two cities. From Genesis 18–19, the two cities are archetypes for corruption and total destruction.

Children rule; everyone oppresses everyone else; people refuse to rule. The anonymity and generality signify the chaos and the anarchy. To some extent the latter are experienced in reading the chapter with its brief oracles and abrupt shifts in content and speaker. This is even more evident in the Hebrew than in English translations which have smoothed over many of the difficulties. Jerusalem and Judah have stumbled and fallen; their sin is as obvious as that of Sodom. Woe to them; they have done the evil to themselves.

The advancing army figures the Assyrian army of chs. 7–10 and 36– 37, the cosmic army of ch. 13 and the Babylonian army that is alluded to but never actually described. The Lord whistles for the army; it is his instrument, his implement, and not a power in its own right. ) It is superhuman in its speed, indefatigability and power. 1. E. J. Jackson and M. ), Rhetorical Criticism: Essays in Honor of James Muilenberg (Pittsburgh Theological Monograph Series, 1; Pittsburgh: Pickwick Press, 1974), pp.

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