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By Ian Shaw

"Is It secure to Eat?" sincerely and thoroughly examines and clarifies the occasionally bewildering matters that all of us can grasp so as to alter our habit to guide more fit, much less anxiety-ridden lives.

Noted nutrients professional and writer, Ian Shaw, additionally areas the hazards of foodstuff, food-born pathogens and nutrition contaminants into the context of life’s total hazards.

His simply comprehensible, passionate, but authoritative and informative booklet is helping you get a deal with at the key concerns corresponding to GM foodstuff, cancer-causing brokers and agrochemicals, usual pollution, BSE, E. coli, and extra.

Shaw makes the case that delight in foodstuff and consuming is a gain that a ways outweighs the hazards, a minimum of if everyone seems to be conscious of these dangers and takes good measures to lessen them.

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2-2. Most people wouldn’t think twice about driving their car, but are likely to worry a little about air travel and eating beef. But they are wrong; they should worry very much more about driving their car than either of the other activities. Their per- Fig. 2-6. The risk/benefit balance showing how perception adds weight to risk 36 ception of the BSE risk is far greater than reality – probably fuelled by an over zealous news media. Perception often adds weight to the risk side of the risk/benefit balance, and therefore means that the risk seems to be greater and so is less likely to be outweighed by the benefit.

The landfill sites in which we bury our domestic waste can eventually be turned back into farm land, or built on because bacteria breakdown the enormous amount of apparently indestructible stuff that we throw out. Harmful Bacteria – Pathogens Unfortunately a relatively small number of bacterial species are able to cause disease in people, other animals and plants. These are the bacterial pathogens, and they are a significant problem to farmers, vets and doctors alike. Louis Pasteur and Pasteurisation Louis Pasteur, the French microbiologist (born 1822, died 1895), demonstrated that bacteria can cause disease – the Germ Theory of Disease, and that they can be killed by heat (hence pasteurisation).

E. 91% less than air travel distance). UK domestic travel/death statistics (1999). 5 ¥ 1011 km. 35 Activity Risk of death in the UK in 1999 Travelling in a car Dying from nvCJD from Beef in the UK Flying in an aeroplane 1 in 35,714 1 in 4,000,000 0 Assuming that everyone in the UK travels about the same distance each year by car, this gives a risk of dying in a car accident of 1 in 35,714/year. How does this compare with the risk of contracting nvCJD from beef in the UK? g. e. there were 15 newly diagnosed cases in 1999 out of a population of 60 million).

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