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By Myles Dillon; Donncha Ó Cróinín

This can be one of many few textbooks that educate you Munster Irish (the dialect of southern Ireland), and this particularly is a disgrace! so far as the particular textual content is anxious, it really is sturdy. in case you are conversant in any of the fairly early 'Teach your self' books (like sleek Persian (Teach your self) or train your self Turkish or train your self Maltese whole path or Romanian (Teach Yourself)) you are going to recognize what it is all approximately. the teachings contain grammar (these early TY texts are heavy at the grammar), vocabulary and translation workouts. there's little (if any) conversational language, and no conversations within the booklet in any respect. yet nonetheless a very good Irish textbook, as long as you know a few conversational Irish. ksiezycowy

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2 Tá buidéal ansan. 3. Tá an leabhar caillte. 4. Tá an bóthar díreach. 5. An bhfuil an buidéal folamh? 6. Nil, tá bainne ann. 7. Ná fuil an bainne géar? Tá. 8. Tá an t-iasc úr. 9. An bhfuil an dinnéar ullamh? 10. Níl sé ullamh fós. 11. Tá an garsún breoite. 12. An bhfuil airgead anso? 13. Tá an fear tuirseach. 14. Ná fuil an lá garbh? 15. Tá, ach níl sé fuar. Now let us try these sentences in the plural. The adjective does not change, but there are plural forms of tá and fuil which may be used1: táid “(they) are”, nílid “they are not”.

The roads are straight. 5. Are the bottles empty? 6. No. 7. Are the boxes not ready? 8. The boys are sick. 9. The men are tired. 2. Feminine Nouns. THE SECOND DECLENSION. Most feminine nouns ending in a broad consonant form the genitive singular by adding -e and the nominativeaccusative plural by adding -a: cloch “stone”, an chloch “the stone”, gen. na cloiche, nom. pl. na clocha. Note that the gen. sg. of the feminine article is na, and that it does not aspirate: it prefixes h- to an initial vowel.

Conas taoi? 3. Táim go maith, buíochas le Dia! Conas tá sibh go léir sa bhaile? 4. Táimíd go maith. 5. Tá Seán i gCill Airne, ach tá Mícheál agus Nóra anso. Táid istigh sa tigh1. 6. Cá bhfuil an garsún óg agus an gearrachaile? 7. Táid amuigh sa ghairdín. 8. D’fhág Tomás an speal thall fén bhfál. 9. Do chuireamair na capaill isteach sa stábla. Exercise 11 1. God and Mary to you, Tom! How are you? 2. I am well, thank God! 3. Are the children at home? 4. They are all (inside) in the kitchen. 5. Is Michael outside in the yard?

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