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By Henry Weingarten

From the country's best monetary astrologer and key consultant to cash managers, investors, and personal investors--a guy who used astrology to foretell the 1990 Tokyo industry crash--comes this strange advisor that exhibits how you can purchase and/or promote shares in keeping with astrology, use birthdates of assorted inventory markets to make judgements, combine astrology with traditional marketplace research, and extra. 20 illustrations.

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What we need is a better scientific way of bringing out the photos in these ancient crystalline stones. Here are two actual photos of the same stone. One of them is focused on the plane surface of the stone, showing the many partial pictures the saw passed through. Visible also are the saw-marks. The confusion is evident, yet the picture can be seen by study. By focusing on just one of the faces in the semi-transparent stone, we get the picture on the top. This is done by deliberately diffusing hte focus so as to reduce distracting details.

By which many of those elder races, at least before the first moon-fall, evacuated earth. then many of the same type of evacuation ships may yet be built before the next moon-fall. But "science" doesnt "believe" in moon-falls, biblical floods, or in any of the most importation facts about man; his past, and in this case, his ominous and non-instant future. How to tell mankind about the books his ancient ancestors left lying about has been my main objective for nearly fifteen years. Between me and the public I have found a barrier of quite impassable dimensions,, made up of secretaries whose "science" consisted of learning shorthand and typing, receptionists whose sole qualifications seem to be well modulated smiles calculated carefully to the cut of the coat, and of men whose sole mental content seems to be an ability to estimate the dollar getting abilities of those they meet.

These two rock paintings seem quite obvious-they are scenes of marriages. Marriages are always fun-the bride is being carried aloft, either on a shoulder, or on a speical carrying chair. Note the immense confusion and profusion of tiny images (due to the plane of the cut being at the wrong angle) in the painting on the right [will be seen as the second picture in this set in the eBook edition of this text] To me, this is all built-in inherited knowledge. No one taught me. I just know it. No one had to teach that early life on the planet Earth what to do or how to do it.

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