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By Manuel Rebuschi, Martine Batt, Gerhard Heinzmann, Franck Lihoreau, Michel Musiol, Alain Trognon

This publication offers comparisons of modern debts within the formalization of normal language (dynamic logics and formal semantics) with casual conceptions of interplay (dialogue, common good judgment and attribution of rationality) which were built in either psychology and epistemology. There are 4 elements which discover: old and systematic experiences; the formalization of context in epistemology; the formalization of reasoning in interactive contexts in psychology; the formalization of pathological conversations.

Part one discusses the Erlangen institution, which proposed a logical research of technology in addition to an operational reconstruction of mental suggestions. those first chapters offer epistemological and mental insights right into a conceptual reassessment of rational reconstruction from a practical aspect of view.

The moment concentration is on formal epistemology, the place there has lately been a full of life contribution from specialists in epistemic and doxatic logics and an try to account for a extra life like, cognitively believable perception of knowledge.

The 3rd a part of this publication examines the assembly aspect among common sense and the human and social sciences and the fourth half makes a speciality of learn on the intersection among linguistics and psychology.

Internationally popular students have contributed to this quantity, construction at the findings and subject matters suitable to an interdisciplinary clinical venture known as DiaRaFor (“Dialogue, Rationality, Formalisms”) which used to be hosted through the MSH Lorraine (Lorraine Institute for Social Sciences and arts) from 2007 to 2011.

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