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By George Adamski

Contained in the area Ships is a 1955 revised variation, moment printing, of the 1953 unique vintage. released through the George Adamski beginning, the booklet is split into elements 1 and a couple of, with a foreword to half via Desmond Leslie. half 1 is George Adamsky's element of the e-book "Flying Saucers Have Landed," that is co-authored with Desmond Leslie. half 2 is "Inside the Spaceships" in its entirety. given that "Flying Saucers Have Landed," has been out of print during this nation for a few years, the inclusion of George Adamski's part of that ebook during this variation will provide the reader the heritage that led as much as the occasions contained partially 2 of the paintings.

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At this point our food was brought. As we were left alone again he continued, ? Responsibility for the state of affairs existing on Earth today cannot be blamed on only a few in any nation. In my business and social contacts with my Earth brothers I have encountered many saturated with these destructive emotions and encased in egotism. Naturally, fear and confusion are prevalent. A few have succeeded in developing a higher consideration for their fellow men by seeking to learn more of the universal laws.

Electromagnetic,? I think you call it? and has excess power at all times. Some of this excess is dissipated through its skin out into space for a certain distance, sometimes only a short way, although at times its influence can extend for several miles outward. space debris,? as you on Earth term it, repelling such things by this constantly radiating force.? He went on to explain that all bodies in space are negative to space and are actually moving in a sea of electromagnetic force. Therefore, a negative radiation repels all negative bodies while at the same time it prevents the ship from heating through friction.

It is possible that the body of your planet itself could be mutilated to an extent that would destroy her balance in our galaxy. These would be the effects directly concerning your world. For us, traveling through space could be made difficult and dangerous for a long time to come, since the energies released in such multiple explosions would then penetrate through your atmosphere into outer space. I wondered whether, and to what extent, if war should actually come to us, they would feel justified in stopping us.

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