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By Donald Davidson

Now in a brand new version, this quantity updates Davidson's unparalleled Inquiries into fact and Interpretation (1984), which set out his significantly influential philosophy of language. the unique quantity continues to be a principal element of reference, and attention of controversy, with its effect extending into linguistic idea, philosophy of brain, and epistemology. Addressing a vital question--what it truly is for phrases to intend what they do--and that includes a formerly uncollected, extra essay, this paintings will attract a large viewers of philosophers, linguists, and psychologists.

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31b) claims that the students preferred Brady teaching semantics to the counterfactual alternative of someone else teaching semantics. , historical linguistics or syntax. 31b ) establishes that Brady taught semantics. 31b ), the subordinate clause Brady taught semantics is Given. 31b ) . 31) a. Brady taught semantics and . . b. the students were glad that BRADY taught semantics. b . the students were glad that Brady taught SEMANTICS. 32), involving the focus sensitive expression only. 32b), semantics, needs to be accented at all.

Does not introduce as one of its alternatives the proposition that the empty group of people is in the extension of laughed. In order to cover answers like Nobody laughed, we would need a set of alternatives of the form Q(laughed) to be available. , but rather would have to be accommodated in a process involving revision of the assumed common ground, but we do not investigate the issue further here. 28 We could also define what it means for one move to be more relevant than another: it must eliminate strictly more alternatives from the CQ, or suggest a more immediate strategy for answering the CQ.

In the preceding sections we introduced the notion of focus and discussed the role it plays in information structure. We also examined the different ways information structure can be marked through prosody in English. With this background, we present, in the remaining sections of this chapter, the semantic and pragmatic framework we adopt in this book, and we outline our theory of focus sensitivity. The intepretation of focus divides the content of an expression into two parts: the meaning of the focus, and the meaning of the BACKGROUND, the part of the expression unmarked by prosodic prominence.

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