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Infinitives: Restructuring and Clause constitution bargains an in depth examine of the clausal structure of infinitival structures delivering a unified research of restructuring, keep an eye on, modals, and elevating. The ebook seriously evaluates prior proposals from either syntactic and semantic views and provides a brand new research incorporating many contemporary advancements in generative linguistic conception. as well as its theoretical contribution, Infinitives encompasses a targeted descriptive assessment of quite a number buildings, basically from the Germanic languages and should hence not just be of price to generative linguists yet also will function a normal reference resource for these drawn to the Germanic languages.

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We therefore leave the issue of scope aside (see Wurmbrand 2000a for a discussion of scope in long passive constructions). 24 Lexical restructuring sis—would indicate that these constructions have to be treated on a par with (9)a. (11) Dutch: long passive (Broekhuis 1992: 39, 202) a. dat (er) geprobeerd werd dat boek te lezen that (there) tried was that book toread 'that they tried to read that book' b. *dat (er) dat boek geprobeerd werd te lezen that (there) that book tried was to read 'that they tried to read that book' c.

Restructuring infinitive =(36)a TP ringo b. tabe Non-restructuring infinitive TP =(36)b Case assignment 49 Since restructuring infinitives do not contain a structural object case position, the embedded object has to raise to the matrix predicate to check its case. If the matrix verb is a stative verb as in (37)a, the embedded object shows up with nominative. In non-restructuring infinitives such as (37)b, on the other hand, the infinitival complement projects its own vP. , an accusative position) rather than the matrix vP (we assume here that no double case checking applies).

4, Japanese affixal constructions cannot involve tense material in the infinitival complement, indicating that these infìnitives lack a T-projection. Thus, complements to affixal verbs are at most vP complements. , a vP). Thus for the problematic restructuring construction under consideration, we would assume that the [+stative] feature from the lower verb percolates up to T°, licensing nominative case on the embedded object. , sentences involving an accusative object with a stative matrix predicate) are non-restructuring infinitives comes from the binding properties of these constructions.

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