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By Marjorie Hines Woollacott

As a neuroscientist, Marjorie Woollacott had no doubts that the mind used to be a merely actual entity managed by way of chemical substances and electric pulses. while she experimented with meditation for the 1st time, in spite of the fact that, her whole international replaced. Woollacott’s trip via years of meditation has made her query the truth she outfitted her profession upon and has pressured her to invite what human realization relatively is. Infinite know-how pairs Woollacott’s examine as a neuroscientist together with her self-revelations in regards to the mind’s religious energy. among the medical and non secular worlds, she breaks open the definition of human awareness to enquire the lifestyles of a non-physical and infinitely robust mind.

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I was listening to the talks . . able to understand, but all my attention wasn’t engaged with the words. The energy kept coming into my awareness again and again all morning long. . As we drove home, the energy was there—between the eyes, in the heart, at the crown of the head. It was so sweet, so satisfying, this T O E XAM I N E A QU I E T M I ND 23 inward awareness as I watched the forest and the pastureland going by us on the drive. How do you test for such an experience? How do you measure it?

10 I’m sure Benson wanted to make the study more accessible, but I think what he did in changing his terminology was to dilute the research. He didn’t allow for an investigation of the very practice that had inspired him to do the research in the first place. ATTENTIONAL PROCESSING My own first foray into meditation research happened precisely because of the low esteem in which the scientific community holds this topic. I mentioned being approached by the psychology professor who didn’t want to offer his credentials and time in support of meditation research.

The world might look shining and transfigured. 9 James also observed that these changes in the inner perception of life have practical consequences, including characteristics such as increased patience and fortitude, blissful equanimity, purity, and greater charity and tenderness toward fellow creatures. 10 Since my own spiritual awakening some forty years ago, I have often pondered how to understand the experience, how best to describe it, how to convey it to those who haven’t had it themselves.

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