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By Alessandro Capone, Ferenc Kiefer, Franco Lo Piparo

This quantity bargains the reader a unique review of present pondering on oblique studies. The participants are eminent researchers from the fields of philosophy of language, theoretical linguistics and conversation thought, who solution questions about this crucial factor. This interesting zone of controversy has previously as a rule been handled from the point of view of philosophy. This quantity provides the perspectives from semantics, dialog research and sociolinguistics.

Authors tackle issues reminiscent of the difficulty of semantic minimalism vs. radical contextualism, the attribution of accountability for the modes of presentation linked to Noun words and the way to tell apart the oblique reporter’s accountability from the unique speaker’s accountability. additionally they discover the relationship among oblique reporting and direct quoting. in actual fact oblique reporting has a few touching on the semantics/pragmatics debate, even if, there's a lot controversy on “what is said”, no matter if this can be a minimum semantic logical shape (enriched via saturating pronominals) or a miles richer and entirely contextualized logical shape. This factor should be mentioned from numerous angles. the various authors are contextualists and the dialogue brings out the necessity to take context into consideration while one offers with oblique stories, either the context of the unique utterance and the context of the file. it's attention-grabbing to determine how wealthy cues and clues can substantially remodel the mentioned message, assigning illocutionary strength and the way they are often mobilized to differentiate numerous voices within the utterance. Decoupling the voice of the reporting speaker from that of the pronounced speaker at the foundation of wealthy contextual clues is a vital factor that pragmatic idea has to take on. Articles at the factor of slurs will carry new gentle to the difficulty of decoupling accountability in oblique reporting, whereas others are theoretically orientated and care for deep difficulties in philosophy and epistemology.

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The reporting context). g. that in (2) above) in the clause that frames the speech. g. said, remarked, stated), some instances of reported speech use verbs other than verbs of saying. For example, in (3) and (4) the non-specific verbs, went and was, are used to introduce direct reported speech. Aside from these syntactic and lexical features, direct and indirect reported speech may also be distinguished by a range of non-linguistic and paralinguistic behaviours. These features typically mark direct reported speech.

Pragmatic enrichment was secondary. I agree with Allan (chapter “Reports, indirect reports, and illocutionary point”, this volume) that “a truly indirect report utilizes pragmatic enrichment”, but the real question is that in what degree subjects use pragmatic enrichment. Of course, there are individual differences as we saw in the results section but the general tendency in indirect reporting (at least based on this study) is to report what the reporter finds most salient in the original message.

CH1. Andy said hi to me. R. Andy greeted me. CA. Andy greets someone. CH3. Andy said hi to someone. 8 Conclusion This study investigated how indirect reports are formulated by subjects whose mindset may differ from the traditional native speakers’ who rely on conventions of language and conventions of usage of their L1 only. It used not introspective and Indirect Reporting in Bilingual Language Production 27 constructed data but utterances produced by two groups of bilingual speakers. The paper hypothesized that there may be a “signature of bilingualism” that is detectable in language production of relatively balanced bilinguals.

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