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By Leo Vinci

An exceptional sought-after consultant to perfumes essences and oils. released in 1980 by way of Samuel Weiser. here's the heritage of incense, anointing oils and essences, their guidance and use, and their position one of the recommendations of formality magic. Balm of Gilead, Galbanum, Frankincense, Spikenard and Myrrh....Names to conjure with: perfumes to exalt the brain.

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This is but one instance of the fact that life and the world are religiously ambiguous. We all have opinions, if not convictions, on the subject, but it is impossible to prove whether the skeptic, the believer, or the agnostic is right. I linger on that point for a moment, because I find that many people are disappointed to hear it. They would like to have proofs that provide answer books for what to believe. Or rather, they think that’s what they would like. What they overlook is that proofs would turn people into automata, for all they would have to do is look up the answers to life’s problems and snap them into place.

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Integral life practice (ILP) is based on Ken Wilber’s integral theory, which offers a comprehensive conceptual framework for integrating diverse perspectives and practices. ILP is unique in recognizing not only all major dimensions of health, but also all levels of possible psychological and spiritual development. What is missing from all these programs? The answer is no surprise: entheogens. And this raises the obvious question: Why are they overlooked? Four possible answers deserve consideration: Research Evidence: Are entheogens overlooked because there is no research evidence for their benefits?

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