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Solutions the everlasting query, what's common? A treasure chest of insights when you search a better self-understanding.

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But this model really comes alivein what are called type dynamics. ” The evidence we will discuss in chapters 2 and 3 suggests that when Myers developed the J–P orientation scale she was on to more than just the orientations and their indication of extraverted mental functions. She actualized Jung’s model by showing two things: first, that the extraverted and introverted functions work in tandem with each other, and second, that one or the other function pulls more urgently on an individual, with the remaining one serving a supportive role.

When, for example, within two minutes we can have a logical debate with a colleague and then give heartfelt sympathy to a friend who calls on the phone with sad news, we are showing our flexibility of response and utilization of different mental processes. Mental Markers Our mental processes work so fast and are so immediate that in each moment we process hundreds of thousands of pieces of information. Consequently, we must acknowledge that any aspect of 23 24 I’M NOT CRAZY, I’M JUST NOT YOU psychological functioning is complex.

The mental operation used most often and of which we are most aware is called the dominant function and attitude. The dominant function is always used in the preferred attitude. For example, the dominant function for those who prefer Introversion operates in the Introverted attitude; for those who prefer Extraversion, the dominant function operates in the Extraverted attitude. The dominant function for all types is superior in awareness, utility, and reliability, but not necessarily in the strength of its influence on our behaviors.

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