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By Charles-Rafaël Payeur

L'astrologia tradizionale è una disciplina essenzialmente spirituale che considera i pianeti come sedi di forze divine e come proiezioni esteriori del nostro universo interno. Payeur approfondisce qui le considerazioni già illustrate nel precedente "Zodiaco e sviluppo spirituale" e di ognuno dei sette pianeti della Tradizione analizza le corrispondenze con le antiche divinità dei Babilonesi, degli Egizi e dei Greci e con i messaggeri celesti dell'albero sefirotico. Luna, Mercurio, Venere, Sole, Marte, Giove e Saturno vengono esaminati nei loro aspetti cabalistici, mitologici e astrologici, al effective di svelarne le profonde realtà archetipiche che influenzano l'esistenza degli uomini.

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Both deal with laws of nature. If you know the laws you are able to apply them for all referring questions and problems, - you are able to solve them. When physics deals with energy and matter on the material plane then metaphysics deals with energy and matter on the higher planes. This fact is the universal key to understand God, creation and humans, - indeed everything. Metaphysics is based on mathematics as well as on physics. " In the coming chapters I will explain this deeper. In fact mathematics and physics/metaphysics are the basis of creation.

The tenfold key The number ten mirrors the number one in its densest form. The number ten stands for the material world, the earth zone and for the earth element with all its aspects. Ten includes and expresses all other numbers. Ten, the material world is the bottom of creation, the basis where the spiritual development starts off. It is also the realm which is called Malkuth. The special characteristic of the material realm is that all kinds of beings and energies are incorporated where on the higher planes there is a strict separation according to the degree of spiritual maturity.

So every genuine spiritual seeker has the chance to make the best out of his life, to solve his problems, to master his challenges and to increase his understanding to the maximum. It was a real honor for me to discuss this special topic in depth. So I like to thank my beloved teachers, the masters of wisdom and God for all blessings I have received already. Before I started to study Bardon´s works I was a worshipper and follower of wisdom. Indeed wisdom and insight led me to his teachings to refine myself according to the divine laws completely.

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