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By Sylvia Abraham

In as low as one week's time, you may be outstanding your folks with the accuracy of your insights, in the event you research the easy-to-learn Key notice method of Tarot studying! here's a uncomplicated and useful consultant to examining the symbolic language of the Tarot that any one can speedy learn how to use with any Tarot deck.

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Problems with mother and or other females. Miscarriage, sex­ ually unfulfilled. I don't make myself happy, bring love into my life, or feel confident about my creative talents. Lost relationship. Mental anguish. Trips delayed. Inability to communicate true feelings. m THE TAROT DECK 43 THREE OF WANDS THREE OF WANDS UPRIGHT IN A SPREAD I make my work and social activities. Potential for partnership. Desire to create a new business or make a new relationship. Seeking inner guidance for future plans in work or socially.

Having difficul­ ties in a love relationship. An emotional drain, some depression, and/or loss. Potential for miscarriage or abortion. Overindulgence. Friendship at an end. Problems with liquor or drugs. Loneliness. THE TAROT DECK 47 THREE OF PENTACLES THREE OF PENTACLES UPRIGHT IN A SPREAD I make my money. I am a master craftsman, good at what I do. Creative talents bring financial rewards. Communications regarding money and health. Suc­ cess through faith in my abilities. THREE OF PENTACLES REVERSED IN A SPREAD I don't make money.

Ambition with the energy to accomplish goals. THE EMPEROR REVERSED IN A SPREAD Not realizing potential, being fearful and immature. Refusing to accept leadership roles due to inexperi­ ence or laziness. Egotistical and arrogant. Ruthless actions and little follow-through in many areas of life. Sexual needs too important. Juvenile mentality. Dishonesty. Instability. Materialistic. THE TAROT DECK 55 FOUR OF WANDS FoUR OF WANDS UPRIGHT IN A SPREAD I realize my need for work and social activities. Sta­ ble business methods and happy social encounters.

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