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By Robin Nelson

Take a trip to the farm and find out about the positive factors and roles of a horse.

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Take up a position against a background where you are less likely to be noticed by animals looking landward from the sea. Look out for any warning signs and check guides that are specific to the area you are visiting. See also the safety notes on how to avoid the dangers of soft mud and incoming tides on page 34. H AB I TATS retreats, waders, wildfowl, gulls, and other birds throng the flats, probing Many coastal areas have suitably constructed and camouflaged hides set against a backdrop of sand dunes, rocky shores, or low cliffs.

W SOUTHERN HAWKER DRAGONFLY herever water is slowed on its journey, wetlands develop. They vary depending on climate and rainfall, topography, and local soils. Some higher, more northerly areas of Britain have fairly flat regions underlain by impermeable rock, where high rainfall has produced waterlogged blanket bogs. The main plants here are bog mosses such as Sphagnum, which forms spongy mounds with yielding peaty layers beneath. The conditions are acidic, and few other plants grow, apart from some tough rushes, sedges, and tussock grasses.

See page 234. 6 Rock Samphire Preparing to bloom by late spring, Rock Samphire grows on arid rocks, sand, and shingle banks and stores water in its fleshy leaves. See page 388. 6 Common Sea Urchin Globular relatives of starfish, urchins glide across rocks on their long, thin, flexible tube feet, as they graze on tiny plants and animals. See page 309. 3Black- headed Gull These gulls consume almost anything, including rotting flesh and refuse thrown up along the high tide mark. See page 135. Rockpools are harsh environments, as the sun warms, evaporates, and concentrates the salty water, then a sudden shower cools and dilutes the conditions.

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