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By Sorin Dascalescu, Constantin Nastasescu, Serban Raianu

A reference and textbook operating via and summarizing key theories, subject matters, and suitable positive factors within the algebraic houses regarding Hopf algebras. comprises in-depth insurance of uncomplicated suggestions, sessions, and the types, integrals, and coactions of those algebras. DLC: Hopf algebras.

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It follows that I ± = Im(7~*), which is a subalgebra in C*. 26 Let A be an algebra and A° its finite i) If S is a subalgebra in A, then ± NA° is a c oi deal in A°. ii) If I is a coideal in °, t hen I± i s asubalgebra inA. dual. Then: Proof: i) Let i : S -~ A be the inclusion, ’which is a morphismof algebras, and i ° : A° -~ S° the induced coalgebra map. Then Ker(i °) : (f ~ A°li°(f) : O} = {f e A°lfi = 0} = {f e A°If(S) = 0} = A° n±, S so A° N S± °. is a coideal in A ii) Leta, b~I ± °®I+ and I®A°.

Wedescribe now the factor objects in this category. 3 Let (C, A,¢) be a coalgebra and I a k-subspace of C. Then I is called: i) a left (right) coideal if A(I) C_ C ® I (respectively A(I) C_ I ® C). ii) a coideal if A(I) C_ I ® C + C ® I and ~(I) = O. 4 Showthat if I is a coideal it does not follow that I is a left or right coideal. 5 Let V and W two k-vector spaces, vector subspaces. Then (V ® Y) ¢~ (X ® W) = X and X C V, Y C_ W Proof: Let (xj)jej be a basis in X which we complete with (xj)je J, up to a basis of V.

It follows that (V ® Y) N (X ® W)C_ X ® Y. The reverse inclusion is clear. 6 If I is a left and right coideal, then, by the preceding lemma A(I) C_ (C ® I) ~ (I ® C) = I ® I, hence I is a subcoalgebra. The following simple, but important result is a first illustration finiteness property which is intrinsic for coalgebras. 4. 7 (The Fundamental Theorem of Coalgebras) Every element of a coalgebra C is contained in a finite dimensional subcoalgebra. Proof: Let c E C. Write A2(c) = ci ®xij®dj, with li nearly in dependent ci’s and dj’s.

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