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By Lester Dent

What could you do if you happen to have been clone of a DICTATOR? in the event you have been small-time grifter Walter Harsh, recuperating in a sanatorium with a damaged arm, you’d hearken to a proposition that may web you a funky $50,000 for impersonating the South American strongman you resemble. You’d watch out whilst the dictator’s sultry mistress begun placing the strikes on you. And at midnight, while nobody used to be staring at, chances are you'll simply hatch a plot to get all of it for your self: the money, the lady, and the stash of stolen loot she’s conspiring to spirit in another country…

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Unfortunately she caught him with his eyes open. “He seems to be awake. ” The officer pushed past her. ” The cop closed the door in the nurse’s face and came over to look down at Harsh. ” “Officer, I’m awfully sick. ” The officer ignored this. “Where were you in jail, Harsh? ” “You sure are a guy who gets it wrong, Officer. ” “Yeah? ” “Neither do I, but I plan to find out. I. or a detective or someone. ” “Well, maybe and maybe not. I heard about it, and I’m going to look into it. I’ve already been looking into you, Harsh.

That would fix him, wouldn’t it? TWO It was late afternoon when Walter Harsh’s car turned into a service station across from a chicken hatchery in a small water tower town in northeast Missouri. A bell gave a ping when the wheels ran over a rubber hose, the car stopped, an attendant came out and dipped a sponge in a bucket of water. He took his time squeezing excess water from the sponge. He began to swab the windshield. ” Harsh was not completely sure that the car had stopped moving. Pain made everything look as if it had a short red fuzz growing on it.

The officer had not frightened him appreciably until he brought in the thing about Vera Sue being fifteen years old. Good God, she could be fifteen years old, although she had told him she was twenty-three and he had chosen to believe her. If she was fifteen and she had lied, and if they scared her into getting up in court and admitting some other things, then the cop was right, he’d had it. The officer watched him. “What’s the matter, Harsh? Don’t you want to call me another dirty name? You brought a fifteen-year-old girl across the state line for immoral purposes, and that makes you the kind of a rat I like to hear call me names.

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