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By Rex Stout

Nero Wolfe makes an attempt to discover the killer who murdered his sufferer with Wolfe's personal necktie, and he encounters an inventory of surprising suspects, together with a gun-toting spouse and a cop-hating landlady. Reissue. NYT.

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Speaking again to one of you: if you could be identified by inquiry into your whereabouts and movements yesterday afternoon the police would have the job already done and you would be in custody. All that they have been told by you and by the entire personnel of your office is being checked by an army of men well qualified for the task. But since they have reserved the information supplied by Mr. Goodwin, I doubt if they have asked you about Monday evening of last week. Eight days ago. " It was Jett.

Goodwin admitted her. She asked to see me on a confidential matter. I was engaged elsewhere, upstairs, and Mr. Goodwin came to tell me she was here. " He pointed at Heydecker's feet. "There. " "Then I don't get it," Edey declared. The brilliant idea man was using his brain. "If she didn't tell you, you couldn't tell the police or the District Attorney. But if they don't know what she came to see you about, why do they think she was killed by someone in our office? It's conceivable that they got that information from someone else, but so soon?

Morton Sorell on the phone. " Heydecker demanded. He was gawking and so was Edey. Evidently Jett never gawked. "I did. " I focused on Heydecker. "If she had called twenty seconds earlier," I told him, "I wouldn't have had to waste a lie. I did insist on knowing the nature of Bertha Aaron's case before I went to Mr. Wolfe, and she told me. She said she had accidentally seen a member of the firm in secret conference with Mrs. Morton Sorell, the firm's opponent in an important ease. She said that after worrying about it for a week she had told him about it that afternoon, yesterday, and asked for an explanation, and he didn't have one, so he was a traitor.

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