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By Henry Stevens

Nazi expertise prolonged some distance extra than has more often than not been said, in reality to just about unfathomable degrees. This publication offers a glimpse into German study. It includes experiences of dependent bombs of nipolit, N-stoff bombs, chilly bombs, oxygen bombs that could break all existence, atomic bombs and rumours of the mysterious molecular bomb.

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In 1941 Drs. Lehmann and Kraut began investigations on human protein requirements. Their methods were revolutionary for the times and were later incorporated by East European coaches for monitoring their strength athletes. Drs. Lehmann and Kraut measured the nitrogen content in their test subject urea. All protein is composed of nitrogen. Neither fats nor water contain nitrogen. The test subjects, like all humans, break down bodily proteins in relation to their activity. The more activity and the harder it is, the more protein is broken down and excreted through the urine as nitrogen.

All this may mean that those small, canned energy drinks whose main ingredients are caffeine, B vitamins and simple sugars may actually work. They may be used when the individual is exhausted and actually build further endurance. This research also means that more oxygen, even the deep breathing as done by boxers between rounds, is probably beneficial toward recovery. It also means that individuals restricting caloric intake to lose weight will not be at peak performance. Boxers and other athletes 49 who must "make weight" usually do this during training for their next contest.

This amnesia proved to be life-long. Dr. Stoll, a Geophysicist, explains the workings of the device this way. Within the cage, "Kaefig", which is the space to be secured, a human body encounters an almost null-point of energy near the physical center of the device. At this point, energy is actually drawn out of the human body! This withdrawal of energy alters the human body and the human being, as a rule, for the worst. This sucking away of human energy can lead to death. This electromagnetic or psychic vampire constitutes the ultimate in security systems.

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