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During this number of essays, Hans M. Barstad bargains completely with the new historical past debate, and demonstrates its relevancy for the research of old Israelite heritage and historiography. he's taking an self reliant stand within the heated maximalist/minimalist debate at the historicity of the Hebrew Bible. important to his realizing is the need to observe the narrative nature of the traditional Hebrew and of the close to japanese assets. both vital is his declare that tales, too, might show positivistic ancient "facts". the opposite significant subject he offers with within the publication is the particular historical past of historic Judah within the Neo-Babylonian and Persian classes. the following, the writer makes large use of extant historic close to japanese assets, either textual and archaeological, and he places a lot weight on financial points. He exhibits that the foremost to knowing the position of Judah within the 1st millennium lays within the right overview of Judah and its neighbouring urban states inside their respective imperial contexts. a formal knowing of the background of Judah in the course of the sixth century BCE, accordingly, can merely be acquired whilst Judah is studied as part of the a lot wider Neo-Babylonian imperial coverage.

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