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By Alick Bartholomew

Viktor Schauberger, 1885-1958, was once a thorough pioneer of the examine of the sophisticated energies in nature and the significance of residing water in all average procedures. From surprisingly precise observations of the wildlife, he pioneered a very new realizing of the way nature works. He foresaw, and attempted to warn opposed to international waste and expensive ecologial destruction of our age. listed here are his insights in modern, obtainable language.

His notable discoveries--which tackle ill water, ill forests, weather swap and, chiefly, renewable energy--have dramatic implications for a way we have to paintings with nature and its assets. Protesting the damaging results of contemporary know-how, Schauberger utilized his theories to create prototypes for pollution-free power machines.

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Backster's best known experiment excluded the human factor. Live brine shrimps were dumped in boiling water automatically at pre-determined intervals, near the plants which reacted 'emotionally' each time the massacre took place. Not only do plants respond as if they had a nervous system, but they also exhibit a capacity for memory. As we shall see later, water also has this memory facility. With specially adapted equipment, 'emotional' reactions have also been monitored from amoebas, blood samples and cell cultures.

He criticized our present view of how Nature works as untenably mechanistic, which he said this is one of the main reasons why we're in such a mess. Our culture thinks of Nature as being like a big machine that can be manipulated and its resources extracted for our own greed, rather than a creative system that has a purpose. Productive energies make it possible for life forms to arise that are appropriate to the needs of the environment. It is as if Nature 2. DIFFERENT KINDS OF ENERGY has a blueprint for what is required for a balanced and diversified community.

The beneficial UVc rays1 which the ozone layer allows through, have to decelerate in order to unite with the receptive and passive female energies rising inside the Earth; these slower energies have to accelerate, for fertilization can take place only if the two resonate with a sympathetic rate of vibration (see Chapter 4). All of life, from the gross material to the ethereally subtle, evolves through the interaction of male and female, positive and negative, energies. Each polarity has a particular manner of expression, the downwardly-radiating solar energy meeting the Earth at right angles to the energies of the Earth ranged in a layer below the surface (see Fig.

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