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By Tom Jackson, Mike Goldsmith, Stewart Savard, Allison Elia

Aid your children With technology is a special visible method of figuring out the sciences and an exceptional source for pissed off kids and adults. Following on from the luck of aid your children With Math,Help your children With technology is a finished, relaxing, and obtainable method of technological know-how, overlaying quite a lot of matters together with biology, physics, and chemistry. subject matters are defined utilizing transparent pix and immediately comprehensible diagrams, observed by way of jargon-free textual content.

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This means that reflex actions, such as withdrawing the hand from the source of pain, do not involve the brain, but are controlled by the spinal cord alone. ▷ Reflex arc The nerve pathway controlling a reflex is called the reflex arc. The sensory nerve sends a signal to the spinal cord, where it connects directly to the motor neuron that signals to the muscles, causing them to move. 4. The motor neuron signals the muscle to contract. 1. The finger touches source of pain (a sharp pin). 2. The sensory neuron sends a signal to the spinal cord.

Tropism Plants can sense the factors in the environment that help them maximize their growth. This is called tropism. A seed is sensitive to gravity (gravitropism), so its roots grow down into the soil. The roots also turn toward water in the soil (hydrotropism), while the stem grows toward sunlight (phototropism). Phototropism causes a growing point (the meristem) to face the Sun by growing cells on one side of the stem longer than those of the other. Sound cells on the shady side grow longer than on the sunny side meristem tip points toward sunlight sunlit cells stay short lenses made from cone-shaped crystal can pick up slightest movements △ Ampullae of Lorenzini Sharks have electroreceptors that pick up the electric fields produced by the muscles of other animals.

Sweet fruits, such as berries, are eaten by animals and the seed is deposited later. A maple key is a wind-borne fruit, while the coconut is able to float vast distances across the ocean. 46 BIOLOGY Life cycles SEE ALSO DIFFERENT PLANTS AND ANIMALS GROW TO MATURITY IN DIFFERENT WAYS. 45 Fruits and seeds Plants 54–55 Ecosystems 74–75 The early, or juvenile, phase of a multicellular organism’s life is devoted to growth. Organisms use a range of systems to reach an adult size, only then developing sexual organs and reproducing.

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