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By Béatrice Longuenesse, Nicole J. Simek

Hegel's technology of common sense has obtained much less realization than his Phenomenology of Spirit, yet Hegel himself took it to be his maximum philosophical fulfillment and the spine of his method. the current e-book makes a speciality of this such a lot tough of Hegel's released works. Béatrice Longuenesse deals an in depth research of middle concerns, together with discussions of what Hegel capability via 'dialectical logic', the function and which means of 'contradiction' in Hegel's philosophy, and Hegel's justification for the provocative assertion that 'what is genuine is rational, what's rational is actual'. She examines either Hegel's debt and his polemical response to Kant, and exhibits in nice aspect how his undertaking of a 'dialectical' good judgment could be understood basically in mild of its relation to Kant's 'transcendental' good judgment. This e-book will attract a person attracted to Hegel's philosophy and its impression on modern philosophical dialogue.

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1 T R A N S C E N D E N TA L L O G I C A N D DIALECTICAL LOGIC: FROM KANT TO HEGEL, A CRITIQUE OF A L L D O G M AT I C M E TA P H Y S I C S The Science of Logic is a formidably difficult text. The foolhardy reader who dares to approach it is soon left with no other resource than to abandon herself to the engulfing Hegelian waters, or to pass by, and go set up philosophical camp elsewhere. For Hegel’s Logic is a discourse that seems to be speaking only about itself and its own logical delirium. 1 Here at least, there remains some external authority that imposes on philosophical categories the test of their relation to the way things are.

Taking this risk is nevertheless necessary to understand what motivates the transition from one category to the next. I hope to convince the reader that the effort is worth pursuing. For, in terms that are deeply influenced by transcendental philosophy, and thus by what is perhaps the illusion of a fundamental unity of thought, Hegel arrives at a formulation of the problem of metaphysics whose force remains in part to be discovered. 1 T R A N S C E N D E N TA L L O G I C A N D DIALECTICAL LOGIC: FROM KANT TO HEGEL, A CRITIQUE OF A L L D O G M AT I C M E TA P H Y S I C S The Science of Logic is a formidably difficult text.

It is true that this unity of the process of thinking is initially revealed not in the “things” themselves, but rather in the relations by way of which it becomes necessary to explain them. The whole Doctrine of Essence is the step-by-step exposition of things and their relations, of what appears as given and what is explicitly constructed by thought (the “essence” of things). But this exposition also reveals that if it is possible to think an essence for the appearance, to unify things by way of their relations, it is because the same unity of thought that determines relations and laws, namely essence, was already at work in the very presentation of the appearance.

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