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By Jennifer Westwood

Watch out for a ghostly send and its spectral workforce off the coast of Cornwall. hear for the unearthly tread and rustling silk costume of Darlington's woman Jarratt. Shiver on the malevolent apparition of fifty Berkeley sq. that nobody survives seeing. England's prior echoes with tales of unquiet spirits and hauntings, of headless highwaymen and gray girls, indelible bloodstains, and ghastly premonitions. right here, county through county, are the nation's such a lot interesting supernatural stories and bone-chilling legends: from a ghostly military marching throughout Cumbria to the vanishing hitchhiker of Bluebell Hill, from the grotesque Man-Monkey of Shropshire to the phantom congregation who assemble for a Sermon of the useless. . .

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She ran screaming from the house, and roused her neighbours. They went to look for him but found nothing. Not long afterwards, however, a farmhand taking horses to Anxey meadows found his body. His head had been bashed in, but there was nothing to show by whom, so the verdict at the inquest was ‘Murder by some person or persons unknown’. Mrs Edden, however, ‘felt in her mind’ that Tylor was the murderer, and, as soon as the body was brought to the house, sent for him to touch the corpse. It being widely believed that a murdered body would bleed at the touch of its killer, Tylor refused to come.

Graham, a very down-to-earth sort of person, was surprised at the question, but had to admit that no, he had not actually seen the rider’s head, because he was bent down so low that it must have been almost impossible for him to see where he was going. Mullins then told him that the story went that when the headless horseman was seen in the park, the head of the household was going to die. And William Robert Bradley Craven, sixth Earl of Craven, died shortly afterwards, on 27 January 1965. Inkpen There are several prehistoric round barrows on Inkpen Hill, which are supposed to contain buried treasure, including a coffin made either of solid gold or of silver.

Harrison Ainsworth, in his novel Windsor Castle (1843), says Herne was the ghost of a forester whose life was saved by the Devil when he was gored by a stag, on condition that he would wear antlers henceforth, but who ended in despair, suicide, and damnation. Because of the epithet ‘the Hunter’, Jacob Grimm suggested that Herne had once been imagined as leader of the Wild Hunt – a demonic cavalcade which, in European folklore, sweeps across the midwinter skies, bringing destruction in its path.

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