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By J. E. Webb, J. A. Wallwork, J. H. Elgood (auth.)

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The claw on the inner toe is not enlarged. 5. The emu is confined to mainland Australia. There is a single species. Example : - Dromaius . emu - Dromaius 45 R A T I T E S A N D T I N A M0 U S Order Apterygiformes, Family Apterygidae - Kiwis Ratitae in which:- e 1. The wing is vestigial and completely concealed beneath the body feathers, the hand region being virtually absent All feathers are rather hair-like. e 2. The leg is short but stout and has four toes. The three front toes are long, the hind toe small and raised.

Most are not only capable of flight, but include in both orders some notable long range migrants. In the game birds, Galliformes, there are two suborders, the Galli and the Opisthocomi, though the latter contains but a single remarkable South American bird, the hoatzin. This species, alone among living birds, develops claws as a nestling on the first two wing digits, so that its fore-limb resembles that of Archaeopteryx (see page 1). The Galli contains two groups of families. E. Asia and Australasia, and the curassows of the American tropics.

4. There is no pubic symphysis and no ischiatic symphysis. foot of cassowary foot of e mu 43 R A T I T E S A N D T I N A M0 U S Family Casuariidae - Cassowaries Casuariiformes in which:• 1. The reduced wing bears 3 spine-like primaries. • 2. There is a heavy protective casque on the forehead and crown. The neck is devoid of feathers and brilliantly coloured. 3. The adult plumage is black. • 4. The inner toe is armed with a very long sharp claw. 5. The members occur in the rain forests of tropical Queensland, New Guinea and some adjacent islands.

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