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By Frédéric Delavier, Michael Gundill

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CRITICAL AND BIOGRAPHICAL STUDIES Brock, James. ” Studies in Short Fiction. 23, no. 4:459–460 (fall 1986). ) Burt, Stephen. ’” Wallace Stevens Journal 24, no. 2:115– 134 (fall 2000). Caesar, Terry. ” Revista UNIMAR 16, no. 1:217– 228 (April 1994). Caldwell, Gail. ” Boston Globe, January 3, 1993, p. A12. ) ———. ” Boston Globe, June 25, 2000, p. M1. ) Davis, Robert Murray. ” Studies in Short Fiction 22, no. 3:358–360 (summer 1985). ) Eakin, Emily. ” New York Times, September 4, 2003, pp. E1, E4.

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