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The Ultimate Ungulate Page. com/>. David M. Shackleton, PhD Alton S. 5 ft (15–165 cm) Number of genera, species 7 genera; 23 extant species, 1 recently extinct Habitat Dry to wet grasslands, wetlands, light woodland, savanna, and deserts up to 16,400 ft (5,000 m) Conservation status Recently Extinct: 1 species; Extinct in the Wild: 1 species; Critically Endangered: 2 species; Endangered: 1 species; Lower Risk/Near Threatened: 1 species; Lower Risk/Conservation Dependent: 18 species Distribution Africa and Arabia Evolution and systematics The subfamily Hippotraginae, the grazing antelopes, includes 24 species in 11 genera.

In Europe, such habitat provided abundant forage in the form of grasses, forbs, and browse. These natural pastures included wet meadows and, in the Pyrenees, sub-alpine parklands. In North Africa, they occupied more open steppe habitat. CONSERVATION STATUS Classified as Endangered. While domesticated water buffalo are very abundant and distributed well beyond their natural historic range, there are probably fewer than 4,000 wild water buffalo left in the world, most of which are in Assam, India.

These alpine/tundra steppes are low in plant productivity and so competition with livestock is exacerbated. Hunting by local people for meat and hides continue to contribute to extirpation of wild yaks. Besides ecological factors, interbreeding between domestic yak and wild yak may pose additional threats to wild populations. SIGNIFICANCE TO HUMANS Bubalus bubalis Bos grunniens Teracerus quadricornis 18 First domesticated over 4,000 years ago, they have supported human life throughout this time in harsh high elevation environments.

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