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By Jared Christman

This publication friends into the depths of human habit so one can resolution a festering query of fine and evil, fact and phantasm: Why does humankind have any such fervor for victimizing animals?--victimizing them in slaughterhouses, in laboratories, on land and sea, for the pride of appetites either holy and unholy? What we discover after we gaze deeply adequate, and earnestly sufficient, is whatever that Carl Jung known as the shadow--a hidden crucible of habit within which the angels and demons of our nature merge. Grave Pawns is a journey de strength of interdisciplinary considering, combining a large choice of topic components right into a compelling conception of violence opposed to animals.

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This recapitulates the violent ebb and flow of the cosmic commerce of life and death, affording the human participants direct contact with the substance of transcendence. Sometimes sacrifice becomes a blood ablution, as when novitiates in the Roman cult of Attis and Cybele immersed themselves in the mysteries of the taurobolium, the bath of bull’s blood. One need only glimpse the grotesque figure of the slaughterhouse sticker, glistening with blood like a welloiled automaton, to appreciate the cultic mysteries of the contemporary abattoir.

The mania of the financial speculator can lead in short order to grotesquely unsound behavior in the laboratory, displays of gratuitous violence that expose the experimenters’ pretense of rationality. To see the consequences of the marionette hand of the scientific speculator run amok, one need simply acquaint oneself with the infamous baboon experiments at the University of Pennsylvania’s Head Trauma Research Center, or the macaque experiments at the Institute for Behavioral Research in Silver Spring, Maryland.

5 Awareness of the reality of sacrifice likewise puts an end to the illusion of rational pragmatism in the modern killing of animals. Can we really deny that we have perpetuated the sacrifice of animals as the highest form of exchange, that blood trumps money in the life-anddeath bargain of our existence? Sacrificial slaughter persists in our world as the only pure means of exchange with forces greater than ourselves, forces that we stumble desperately to harness and nervously look down upon.

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