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Because the remainder of the realm is going to sleep, the nightkind - those that like to discover the mysteries of the evening - organize for his or her rites. even if you're new to the perform of nocturnal magick, or a pro darkish mystic, this better half to the preferred Nocturnal Witchcraft is bound to deliver new degrees of energy for your nights.

Expand your connection to the darkish ether and the unseen international with this selection of concepts and rituals taken at once from the author's  personal magickal notebooks. discover the Nocturnicon - a set of rites designed to overcom the original hindrances that seem within the lifetime of the nightkind.

Commune with the darkish Gods and Goddesses of the evening with nocturnal rituals for the sabbats. learn complicated astral workings, together with astral shuttle, operating with thoughtforms, and banishing undesirable energies and entities. connect to the confident facet of the darkness inside of and with out as you study.

Not for the meek, the magick you are going to stumble upon in those pages might help you rework your self, and alter how you understand truth from tonight ahead.

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Non-existent and imaginary, because Man takes (and aspires to) to likeness (deification) not in the mode by which God is (the mode of love, of self-transcendent ec-stasy) but in the mode by which God is not (the mode of ontic autonomy, of individual selfcontainedness). The mode by which God is not is the mode of every created being, the mode of createdness – functional autonomy, absolute completeness and self- containedness. In the case of all created beings, with the possible exception of Man, this mode is not chosen, but is given and definitive, the unavoidable mode of irrational beings: to be that which they are and nothing else.

It is a possibility of life not as relation, not as the reception of a gift, but as an event of autonomy. Existence is realized as something rendered independent of its Creator, as existence-in-itself – it is an attempt of the creature to exist as if itself possessing its cause and its purpose (by its own right). God‟s warning about the eating that signifies death does not offer any knowledge; it simply presents information without anything empirical corresponding to it. The warning could have elicited Man‟s faith/trust in the love that warns him; trust could have replaced immediate experiential knowledge as experience of relation.

Without these two givens the freedom of the created human being is logically incomprehensible and existentially not possible. If the concept of human freedom has a realistic content, this is drawn from the difference between the mode of existence of the created and that of the uncreated. e. of freedom from every predetermination and necessity of nature or essence) with that which we human beings are able to conceive of as good. And that we should conversely identify the mode of the created (the mode of non-relation, of individual autonomy and self-completeness predetermined by the law of nature) with that which we human beings experience as evil.

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