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Too much cooperation (wrote Bakke) is self defeating. It is not to the benefit of the members of unions if management cooperates by rolling over and does not do its best to watch its costs, maintain systematic and orderly organisation, the right to make necessary decisions, and to allocate the proceeds of production to the continued improvement of the instruments of production, including both men and 11 machines. And it is not to the benefit of management if the union leaders become so much a cooperative arm of management that the unions lose their power to present forceful ly and effectively the needs and demands of workers for an increasing standard of living and an increasing voice in making the rules and controlling the conditions under which they work and live (1966: 115).

Inevitably some claims may be turned down, or voted out, on the grounds that they are unjustified looked at in the context of the membership as a whole, the state of industrial relations, and items of higher priority. In this sense the JSSC takes on a management function of allocating priorities. The implications for leadership are far-reaching. In the unreformed industrial relations all that was required of most stewards was to be 'populists' or 'cowboys' (Batstone et aI, 1977); to respond to the demands of the members, forwarding every claim to management.

THE STRUCTURE OF GOOD INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS: A REFORMULATION The list of topics suggested by Donovan to be included in a factory agreement, and the prescriptions given in the Code, do not provide a coherent picture of how industrial relations are structured and conducted in the ideal company. This we must now attempt in the context of the model company described in the Introduction. Although the focus here is on workplace industrial relations, the principles embodied in the reformulation apply equally to company-level bargaining such as that conducted at ICI and Ford.

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