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By Pat Zalewski

Selections up the place the broadcast types of the Golden Dawn's Enochian fabric go away off. in line with the examine and unpublished papers of Macgregor Mathers, this ebook opens new avenues of use for the program.

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Yoked, they produce a curtain which holds the various hierar.. chies of the Tablets together and allows the seals, placed above each corresponding tablet, to be a cementing factor. Hermes Tern pIes in New Zealand, a great deal of experimentation was don with these seals. Although their colors were manufactured by th Order, they nevertheless produced a controlling quality whic everyone who worked with the tablets could feel. In the De manuscripts, we are told a number of times that every letter re resents an individual angelic force, and that the grouping ofthes forces produces the potency.

H. 14 move s to 22 from t. b is special. b it is all plain movi ng by 6 to right. " "Cou nt here not by 4 or 6, but by numb ers given to right if over; to left if unde r. " "Cou nt 12 in any case negle cting the numb ers over or under, alwa ys forward. am es are to be found in the Dee man uscr ipts that I have examIned: Tha aoth , repr esen ting the plan et Mercury. I had first as~~ed that they were pure ly a Golden Daw n man ipul atio n of ee s work. Now I have discovered they cam e from the Dee man uSCripts.

Con tinu e circu mam bula ting deosil. Repl ace the Dag ger on the Alta r) and pick up the Pent acle and circu mam bula te deosil once to the Nort h. " Draw the Sign of Taurus within the pentagram and say: "0 Great King ofthe North, Thahaaothe, come forth and expend yourself through the Seal ofTruth. 7J Make the Sign of the Earth grade (see Appendix E). Cir cumambulate deosil to west of Altar. Replace Pentacle and pic] up the Rose. Draw the Invoking Pentagram of Spirit (active an~ passive) while vibrating: "EXARP, BITOM, NANTA, HCOMA" Return the Rose to the Altar.

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