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Both of these should be studied. Like th e an cients, one must conce ive of the universe as a function of the corres pondences between macrocosm and mi crocosm. O ne should m aintain an ardent and unreserved faith in the Divine, m editate, iso­ late and purify oneself, live an exem plary life and shun the impure contacts and temptations whi ch turn a neo­ 78 Our S pagiric Preparation and T raditi onal T eaching ph yt e away from th e truth. This prepara tion takes years. Truth mu st be separated fr om fa lsehoo d and superstition avoided.

If desired, during the autumn period one can also add fresh algae gathered from the sea. The corruption of these is more difficult to bring about, but once obtained, acts as a catalyst and allows the state of absolute black to be reached more rapidly. This process should not, however, be misused. In general terms, whilst all nature's elements should be taken into account, particular attention must be paid to plants taken from the ground. I refer here to the directions of the Ancients: they recommended that plants be picked with the greatest possible delicacy, so that they yield their properties in toto.

Sh e sta nds, th erefore, on th e right-hand side of th e arcana, th e ' passive ' side, th e side of th e psych e. The currents showed th emselves to be at maximum vita lity and of most vivid colour at th e new moon of Fe br uary l oth , 1948. T his showed tha t th e moment of acquisition was approaching. F rom midnight on February 15th we prep ared ourselves for thi s opera tion, continually makin g sure th at it might be accomplished according to th e right s, signs and pr inciples which had been tran smit ted to us.

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