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By Carleen Mandolfo

Analyzing the dialogic constitution of biblical psalms of lament, this e-book develops observations approximately voicing out of the paintings of Mikhail Bakhtin, applied to reassess the theological expression of lament psalms in addition to elements of Israel's rhetorical dating with its deity. What emerges is a theology that offers voice to the stress that existed among religion in a god who practises wonderful "hesed," or covenantal loyalty, and the event of God's failure to uphold his aspect of the cut price.

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Deity (ms imv) Notes on Structure. It is frequently suggested that Psalms 9 and 10 constitute a unity. 20 This pattern has either been disrupted in subsequent redactions, or was not closely adhered to in the first place. Secondly, the lack of a superscription for Psalm 10 suggests that it once was read in conjunction with the psalm that precedes it. Other factors that impede reading Psalm 9 as a unity unto itself include its confusing generic characteristics. Because of its opening lines, most scholars categorize Psalm 9 as a thanksgiving psalm.

This seems less preferable than taking w. 5-7 to be referring to the remote past, recounting times gone by when YHWH had come to the aid of the supplicant in particular (v. 5), and upheld the universal ethical structure in general (vv. 6-7). 24 22. Weiser, The Psalms, p. 150, also comments on the tense that leads him to call Pss. 9 and 10, together, 'a prayer of supplication'. 23. As M. Buss points out, form critics expect a rigidity of form that is not natural to genres. Genres may be, in fact, fairly fluid configurations: '[A] "genre" is a probabilistic structure and not an "all-or-nothing" structure.

Verse 2 makes it clear that the petitioner is asking God to vindicate her. 5 It is common throughout the psalms to hear the supplicant complain about enemies, but it is rare to hear them directly addressed. Instead of spoken by the petitioner, these verses might be addressed to the petitioner (and audience) in response to the request made in v. 2. The supplicant asks for help, and the instructional discourse provides a method for obtaining relief from suffering. Once these words are spoken in answer to the petition, the following words of confidence, spoken by the petitioner once again, are understandable.

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