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By Calvin Schrag

In God as differently Than Being, Calvin O. Schrag - an important American Continental thinker of his new release - seeks a thought of God suitable with the postmodern standpoint.

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Mary started/finished reading the book. Many inchoatives are of this type, including those referring to events of cognition, where the event results in a state. g. [know the answer]. 5 Statives The Stative situation type States are stable situations which hold for a moment or an interval. They have the temporal features [Static], [Durative]. I shall use the term Stative to refer to members of the situation type. Typical statives include [own the farm], [be in Copenhagen], [be tall], [believe in ghosts].

B' Mary coughed for an hour. (Semelfactive) (Activity) a" Kim played a set of tennis on Friday. (Accomplishment) b" Kim always played a set of tennis on Friday. (Habitual Stative) These sentences are not exotic; indeed, they are quite ordinary. There are other cases: speakers may also categorize a situation in an unusual manner. Often such marked presentations differ in situation type from the standard presentation. In the light of these examples, it is clear that we cannot simply classify verb constellations as associated with particular situation types.

States can also be presented indirectly, through a change of state (inchoative). Inchoatives often allow the inference that the resultant state continues, unless there is information to the contrary. For instance: THE PARAMETER OF ASPECT (36) a. b. c. d. 35 Mary got angry. John became tired. Bill learned Greek. The gate was closed by the guard. Many languages have inchoative verbs (get, become) or verb affixes. In English the main inchoative forms are the suffix -en and a zero variant, as in Her face whitened, The page yellowed.

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