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By Abraham Abulafia, Talib Din, Sharon Shatil

Get Ha-Shemot is Abulafia's try and describe the final ideology and cosmology that underlie the basic precept of Kabbalah - that names and letters are the fundamental, lively, and artistic components of truth. He intended it normally of thumb for the masters of the names to understand the reality at the back of the names they use, simply because no identify can effectively be used with out such wisdom. during this paintings, which used to be written from the beginning for basic distribution, Abulafia outlines the cosmic level on which his complete Kabbalah is decided, and explains its basic goal - the perfection of the brain when it comes to the mind. This makes Get Ha-Shemot an quintessential creation to his complete Kabbalah. Abulafia explains that Kabbalah is the a part of Torah that needs to stay hid from the general public, and in simple terms obtained by means of observe of mouth from a worthwhile instructor to a precious pupil. notwithstanding, to set a few instructions in regards to the type of Kabbalah, Abulafia offers us right here with what he is taking to be the 1st and primary rules of all of Kabbalah. This masterpiece of Kabbalah is a really lucid and genuine creation to Kabbalah either for rookies and complex scholars.

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And I already informed you of the secretof Sar Tzevaot above, by the way oI l{abbalah. And he said of the seventh,that is Monai, which is derived from pardon and mercy, and I think this is because it indicated lordship (nl)lN, Adnufl; and a good lord is mercifulto his servants. However, I already let you know my opinion - that it indicatesthe righteous- and it is known that the righteous Get Ha-Shemol- Divorce of the Names 45 is someone who has received Shefa from righteousness {i:l'P1y,Tzdaka,also charity),as I told you that the unified [name] indicatesrighteousnessin the secret of the great world; and so it is calledthe righteousas a description,for it is alsoconstantlydrawn to it.

And it existsin all his deeds,even though they follow from nature;and there is no escapingthem, or there is, but they were intended in order to conceivethe truth and do good following God. For example,the mouth of a man is natural to him as it is to other animals,and he necessarilyrequires nourishment; if the intention behind his nourishment when he eatsand drink - is to have a healthybody and benefit from this food so that he may worship his Creator in health alone - not in order to taste sweet things, and not just so that his body will be without illness undoubtedly, this [kind ofl deed is also huly Leshem Shamaim, for everything follows the intention, and the heart leans towards mercy.

That 42 Get Ha-Shemof- Divorceof the Names He is enough (r'l, Dal. And about TzevaotChazalsaid that He is a sign (rllN, Or) amongst His hosts $7a1, Tzaval. And understand that they were talking about Tzeiruf, for they divided [the word] T2evaotintotwo and added to it so as to complete[it. "not to complete"]the intentionbehind the Tzeiruf,even though it contains no hace of it. And beyond these, there are that should be concealed -others from the public, but lhe Mibva is in handing them down verbally after due supplements.

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