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This publication has been designed to function a textual content booklet for put up graduate-students and learn employees in earth sciences who require a heritage of and a believe for information and the idea of regionalised variables. The booklet is titled 'Geostatistics with purposes in Earth Sciences". This re-creation has been thoroughly revised to mirror the remarkable inspiration - and technique-wise in geostatistics. bankruptcy 1 has been extended and comprises extra detials on sampling and sampling designs. Chapters 2 and five were generally revised and a brand new bankruptcy "Introduction to complex Geostatistics" has been additional. additionally new are the "Review Questions" on the finish of every bankruptcy and the pc codes at the CD-Rom.

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3. 4. Discuss the criteria for drawing a sample. What are the characteristics of a good sample ? List the various steps involved in sample design. What is the purpose of Exploratory Data Analysis? Explain frequency analysis and bar charts as EDA tools . Q. 5. What is hypothesis? Explain hypothesis testing . Q. 6. Explain the concept of Random Variable and Joint Frequency Function . 1 UNIVARIATE STATISTICAL METHODS We may recall that from the statistical point of view, the totality of possible experimental outcomes may be called 'population' of the outcomes, while a set of data obtained by performing the experiment a number of times is called ' sample' from the population.

13 respectively. We may recall the criterion that the expected frequencies in each class interval should be ~ 5. Since this condition was not satisfied in some cases , such cells were combined with one or more other cells. The expected frequencies were also adjusted accordingly.

A distribution is said to be positively skewed, if the tail end is more to the right. If the tail end is towards the left, the distribution is said to be negatively skewed. This is to say that frequencies are not symmetrically distributed about the mean . Kurtosis: A frequency curve may be symmetrical but it may fail to be equally flat topped with the normal curve. The relative flatness of top of a distribution vis-a-vis the normal curve is called kurtosis. 4) ~2 = JliJl~ Measure of skewness based on momen ts Skew ness : Based on ~1 and ~2 coefficients, the coefficient of skewness is defined as: Csk = [$: (~2+3)]/[2(5~2 - 6~1 - 9)] Since ~2 cannot be negative being a squared expression, Csk is zero, if and on ly if ~l = O.

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