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By Stanislav Gorb (auth.), Prof. Dr. Stanislav N. Gorb (eds.)

This publication is dedicated to the quickly transforming into region of technology facing constitution and houses of organic surfaces of their relation to specific function(s). This quantity, written by means of a crew of experts from diverse disciplines, covers numerous floor services corresponding to security, safeguard, water delivery, anti-wetting, self cleansing, gentle mirrored image and scattering, and acoustics. simply because organic surfaces have a nearly never-ending power of technological rules for the advance of recent fabrics and platforms, inspirations from biology may be attention-grabbing for a huge diversity of issues in floor engineering.

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B B − − B . . . W . W Non-easy bleeders (KPa > 2,000) Allantinae Monsoma pulveratum Nematinae Hemichroa australis Hoplocampa testudinea Selandriinae Strongylogaster multifasciata Tenthredininae Aglaostigma alboplagiatum Macrophya sp. Tenthredo mandibularis The taxa are distributed in three groups according to the pressure (KPa) needed to pierce the larval integument (Boev´e and Schaffner 2003; Schaffner and Boev´e, unpublished results). Cuticle microstructures present (+) or absent (−) (Boev´e et al.

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