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By Manfred Eigen

This e-book provides a shiny argument for the virtually misplaced notion of a solidarity of all ordinary sciences. It begins with the "strange" physics of topic, together with particle physics, atomic physics and quantum mechanics, cosmology, relativity and their results (Chapter I), and it maintains through describing the homes of fabric platforms which are top understood through statistical and phase-space suggestions (Chapter II). those bring about entropy and to the classical photograph of quantitative info, before everything without worth and which means (Chapter III). eventually, "information house" and dynamics inside it are brought as a foundation for semantics (Chapter IV), resulting in an exploration of existence and idea as new difficulties in physics (Chapter V). Dynamic equations - back of an odd (but very common) nature - result in the advanced familiarity of the realm we are living in. impressive new ends up in the existence sciences open our eyes to the richness of actual proposal, and so they convey us what can and what can't be defined by way of a Darwinian strategy. The summary actual process is acceptable to the origins of lifestyles, of significant info or even of our universe.

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Jeans, 39 but their radiation formula describes the experimental results correctly only at long wavelengths. With decreasing wavelengths, the radiation intensity predicted by the RayleighJeans formula, being inversely proportional to the fourth power of the wavelength, tends to exceedingly large values, a prediction called the "ultraviolet catastrophe': For human existence on earth it would be a true catastrophe indeed. Experimentally, however, one finds an exponential decrease, causing a hot "black body" to glow red in the dark and not blue as was suggested by the Rayleigh-Jeans formula.

3) and (4) yield V x (V x E) = -c 2 (8 2 E/at2 ) which is already the form of a wave equation. With both VE and VB equalling zero one can reduce this equation, as can be easily shown for any of the x, y or z components, yielding for the wave equation the more familiar form (in E or B); V 2 E = c 2 (8 2 E/8t2 ) where V 2 is the Laplace operator:V 2 = a2 /8x 2 + 82 /ay2 + 82 /az2 . J£01i0,wherec:oand µ 0 are the electric and magnetic permittivities of "free" space and hence characterise the velocity of light as a universal constant.

It is not good to introduce the concept of the mass M = m/(1-u 2 /c 2 ) 112 of a moving body for which no clear definition can be given. It is better to introduce no other mass concept than the "rest mass" m. Instead of introducing M it is better to mention the expression for the momentum and energy of a body in motion:' (Courtesy of Einstein Archive, Jerusalem) cone"). 4 are intended to demonstrate some of its peculiarities, which otherwise are hard to imagine. Take a three-dimensional cube for comparison.

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