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By Katerina Somers Wicka

This monograph is an research of cliticization methods attested all through Otfrid von Weissenburg's previous excessive German Evangelienbuch. Its critical argument can be easily said: attestations comparable to meg ih (< magazine ih)'I am capable to,' theiz (< thaz iz) 'that it,' and wolt er (< wolta er) 'he sought after' include a bunch and clitic and are all manifestations of 1 unified means of cliticization. constructing the an important parts of the argument, even though, calls for that we achieve past a phonological and prosodic account of the cliticization approach. with the intention to express that attested clitic teams are actively produced, instead of lexically indexed or grammaticalized, this paintings examines Otfridian clause constitution, an research that gives a substitute for the extra conventional therapy of clitics in the framework of grammaticalization concept. ultimately, because the Evangelienbuch is a piece of poetry, the influence of the meter on cliticization styles is usually addressed.

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30) Lexicon 1. [nám]GrW [iz]GrW – lexical stress is (already) assigned 2. [σ́] [σ] – assignment of syllables 3. [ϕ] – – assignment of feet 4. [ω] – – assignment of pwords “–” indicates that the unstressed syllable fails to receive foot and pword assignment. The account presented in (30) reflects certain theoretical assumptions that require clarification. If we look at stage 1, we notice that the verb is identified as stress-bearing, but the pronoun is not. This stress assignment is based on the relatively uncontroversial proposition that lexical words receive lexical stress, but function words do not.

PL. SBJV. To contrast the lexical words, let us now consider a sample of high frequency function words attested in Otfrid. SG) complementizers & conjunctions thaz ‘that’ waz ‘what’ inti ‘and’ modals & auxiliaries mag ‘can, be able to’ scal ‘should’ was ‘was’ ist ‘is’ Orthographically distinct (reduced) forms8 thu, -tu si, se si, se (-)nan (-)mo the-9 weint- In (26) we see that unreduced function words often consist of just one mora and/or have a reduced form that is monomoraic. What conclusions, then, can one draw from the data presented in (24), (25), and (26)?

Yet we can also talk about another layer of motivation for prosodic cliticization in this case, if we refer to the bimoraicity requirement discussed earlier. The verb ném, like other class IV and V singular preterit forms, dominates only one mora. In this analysis I contend that cliticization in this instance was further motivated by the fact that the verb, after emerging from the lexicon, failed the 11 12 It is not essential for our analysis to argue for one of these two options, though data from modern German do seem to be indicative of adjunction of the clitic onto the phrasal node (cf.

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