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By E.V. Balian, C. Lévêque, H. Segers, K. Martens

This e-book deals a finished learn of species- and genus-level range and chorology of the worldwide freshwater fauna up to now. It provides a state-of-the-art review of the range and distribution of Metazoa within the continental waters of the realm.

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Different biogeographic patterns are evident, with some species being very common and widespread, as in the case of the Holoarctic Spongilla lacustris (Manconi & Pronzato, 2000), while other species are apparently discontinuously distributed, rare or monotopic, as for 123 Hydrobiologia (2008) 595:27–33 Spongilla prespensis and Spongilla stankovici endemic to the Balkanian area (Pronzato & Manconi, 2002). The highest diversity, at the scale of zoogeographic regions, is recorded from the Neotropical with 65 species (23 genera, 3 families), Palaearctic with 59 species (21 genera, 4 families), and Afrotropical regions with 49 species (17 genera, 4 families).

Thomaz is a researcher of the Brazilian Council of Research (CNPq) and acknowledges this agency for long-term funding. References APG [Angiosperm Phylogeny Group] II, 2003. An update of the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group classification for the orders and families of flowering plants: APG II. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 141: 399–436. html. [Accessed April 11 2007]. , 1920. Water Plants: A Study of Aquatic Angiosperms. University Press, Cambridge. , 1932. Familie Callitrichaceae. , E. Loew & C.

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