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By Catherine Crawford

Adventures in Franco-inspired American parenting—a successful mixture of witty cross-cultural commentary, hilariously blunt French knowledge, and one American mom’s trip to create her personal hybrid parenting approach
“If there's no blood, don’t get up.” This unmarried nugget of parenting gold, provided by means of a French buddy on the finish of an extended ceremonial dinner, replaced every thing for author Catherine Crawford, her husband, and, particularly, the couple’s younger daughters. Crawford instantly started to see that whereas the USA had turn into the land of too-involved mom and dad endlessly desirous to speak via their kids’ emotions approximately, good, every thing, France hired a much more laissez-faire angle towards elevating les enfants. studying to sleep during the evening? a couple of tears by no means harm somebody. nutrition? allow them to consume cake, definite, yet merely after they’ve sampled lamb chops, broccoli rabe, and the stinkiest of cheeses.
wanting delivery her daughters off to Paris for these—and many other—invaluable early-life classes, Crawford did the subsequent smartest thing: She introduced previous World–style parenting to Brooklyn. within the procedure, she came upon that her young ones may perhaps really carry a inspiration silently for 2 mins with no interrupting grownup dialog, and that she didn’t, actually, have to purchase out part the toy shop to make their birthdays exact. She even figured out how a lot her little ones like lamb chops! whereas combining the easiest attributes of the strategy français with what she observed as American features worthy maintaining, Crawford came upon how to shop her family and her sanity. Hilarious and insightful, French Twist unearths how Crawford and her family members survived le grand experiment—and why they aren’t ever going again to the way in which issues have been.

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