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I was a creature o f my television generation. Never had I seen or read anything to suggest that some o f these things were not somehow based in reality. O f course I wasn’t naive enough to believe in vampires, but I must admit to having written a glowing wide-eyed book review on Chariots o f the Gods? By the time my senior year at the university rolled around I found myself working more and more hours at CSICO P each week and my status at the university trimmed to that o f a part-time student.

In my view, what relates all the topics we are concerned about is not whether they invoke the “paranormal” but whether they seem clearly to vio­ late scientific principles or whether they have been handled in ways inimical to the spirit o f scientific inquiry. Do they casually invoke “energy fields” science knows nothing about? Have they skirted all forms o f peer review? Are there appeals directly to the public, without any form o f prior expert review? Have any controlled tests been done? , is the assertion posed in such a way that it can in principle be proved to be wrong if it is wrong?

At that time, it was very difficult to find sources o f information which provided critical analysis o f parapsychological/psychic claims. Given the burgeoning recrudescence o f paranormal belief which began in the 1960s, even many people immersed in science had difficulty in gainsaying the claims o f psychic researchers. C SICO P was founded because there was no voice in opposition to the overwhelmingly pro-paranormal informational deluge presented by the media. Things were so bad in terms o f one-sided information that I can recall some individual scientists telling me o f the need for physics to develop a theoretical accommodation for psychic abilities that had apparently been verified by parapsychologists!

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