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By Melita Denning

The definitive paintings on Western mystic traditions which strains the origins and re-interprets Occultism for contemporary day readers.

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We, however, can recognize in this poem a most important foundation document of philosophic alchemy, for this Phoenix is at once the marvelous bird of tradition, the Adept, and the Philosophers' Stone. Nevertheless each image has its appropriate symbols, and the intermingling of these gives great richness to the poem. The sequence of events is divided clearly into three parts. The first part treats of the dedicated life of the Phoenix; the second, of her fiery death and resurrection; the third, of her glory, her But in the midst a spring that rises clear, Transparent.

The elemental influences likewise override the zodiacal sequence, having reference to the Triplicίties* rather than to individual Houses, while memories of other incarnations, although they too may *The zodiacal Triplicities divide the Twelve Houses into elemental groups. FIRE: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. EARTH: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. AIR: Gemini, Libτa, Aquarius. WATER: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. hasten the ripening process when they genuinely occur, are likely to seem a quite disruptive intrusion on the sequence of the present life.

Then, his meditations at an end, he went to the queen of the country, and to White Rose and the other ladies. and thanked them for their care of him. Also he had them make for him a little pennant, with the sign of the Sun upon it. This done, he made ready to do battle again with Black Dragon. White Rose would have set out with him, but he forbade her, remembering the words of the Shining One, and bade her remain in that land to await his return. All being in readiness, he crossed again to the region which Black Dragon had laid waste.

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