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By Alison Wray

A substantial percentage of our daily language is "formulaic". it's predictable in shape and idiomatic--apparently kept in mounted or semi-fixed chunks. This e-book explores the character and reasons of formulaic language, and appears for styles around the study findings from the fields of discourse research, first language acquisition, language pathology and utilized linguistics. It progressively builds up a unified description and rationalization of formulaic language as a linguistic way to a bigger, non-linguistic, challenge, the advertising of self.

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334). These findings correspond with the patterns described by Bybee (1998). She examines the distribution of pronunciations of the word don’t with a full vowel or with schwa. She views each occurrence of the schwa pronunciation as indicative of its occurrence within a larger multiword unit. Peters (1983) considers how the young child, during acquisition, might use stress and articulation to identify salient strings. She proposes that the child segments previously unanalyzed sequences by taking note of their internal pattern of rhythm, intonation and stress, as well as the boundaries which are revealed through a speaker’s repetition of fragments of the utterance.

However, for our present purposes, an identification procedure of this kind will be too conservative, because it excludes the formulaic sequences that are entirely regular in form and transparent in meaning (Jespersen 1924/1976:84). An alternative use of the transparency and regularity gauge might be in subcategorizing types of formulaic sequence. In other words, the feature ± idiom could be a defining variable in a typology of formulaic sequences along a continuum from fully bound to fully free.

Which he or she can retrieve easily because they, Detecting Formulaicity 33 like the original, are stored whole. In other words, the individual possesses a small set of synonymous phrases, and selects the one which seems most desirable for the occasion (the funniest, the least offensive, or whatever). If this is the case, then the lexicon is not storing the underlying structure, but the examples themselves. Just as this predicts, and in contrast to frames like If PROi BE good enough for NPj PROi BE good enough for NPk, a speaker is not in a position to produce more and more novel examples of the Pope paradigm on request, but rather is restricted only to those which he or she already knows.

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