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By B. Elan Dresher, Nila Friedberg

This booklet will create better public know-how of a few contemporary fascinating findings within the formal research of poetry. The final influential quantity at the topic, Rhythm and Meter , edited by means of Paul Kiparsky and Gilbert Youmans, seemed fifteen years in the past. because that point, a couple of vital theoretical advancements have taken position, that have ended in new methods to the research of meter. This quantity represents probably the most fascinating present pondering at the conception of meter. by way of empirical assurance, the papers specialise in a large choice of languages, together with English, Finnish, Estonian, Russian, eastern, Somali, previous Norse, Latin, and Greek. hence, the gathering is really overseas in its scope. the quantity additionally includes assorted theoretical ways which are introduced jointly for the 1st time, together with Optimality thought (Kiparsky, Hammond), different constraint-based techniques (Friedberg, corridor, Scherr), the Quantitative method of verse (Tarlinskaja, Friedberg, corridor, Scherr, Youmans) linked to the Russian university of metrics, a mora-based method (Cole and Miyashita, Fitzgerald), a semantic-pragmatic technique (Fabb), and another generative technique built in Estonia (M. Lotman and M. ok. Lotman). The publication can be of curiosity to either linguists drawn to pressure and speech rhythm, constraint structures, phraseology, and phonology-syntax interplay and poetry, in addition to to scholars of poetry drawn to the relationship among language and literature.

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Cn a. C is salient by the all-or-nothing denition (33) [H&M’s (22)]; and b. there is no salient constituent Cʹ dominating C; then C1, C2, . . Cn is the MAXIMAL ANALYSIS of Q. 32 Paul Kiparsky The following two constraints are undominated. (41) PARALLELISM (H&M (25)): The cadences ending the units of the maximal analysis of a quatrain must be identical. For example, the quatrain type 3f343 satises parallelism in virtue of its maximal analysis [3f3][43]. (42) STANZA CORRESPONDENCE (H&M (37)): In a song, the set of salient domains must be invariant across stanzas.

For example, the quatrain type 3f343 satises parallelism in virtue of its maximal analysis [3f3][43]. (42) STANZA CORRESPONDENCE (H&M (37)): In a song, the set of salient domains must be invariant across stanzas. This constraint crucially employs the categorical version of saliency dened in (33). Recall that for H&M, saliency requires nonnal cadences to be uniform, which is just what PARALLELISM requires of maximal analyses (see (41)) – a redundancy. Note also that H&M’s denition of saliency contains a parallelism condition (33b), and the denition of parallelism in turn relies on saliency (via (40)).

1. Stochastic OT versus partial ranking Quantitative metrical data provide a novel proving ground for OT theories of variation and for OT itself. The challenge here is to make sense of the massive disparities in relative frequency among the different quatrain types. An interesting and empirically well-supported studied theory of variation in the OT framework holds that variation arises when the grammar species a partial ranking (Anttila 1997, 2003). A form F is grammatical if there is a fully ranked tableau consistent with that partial ranking in which F is the optimal candidate.

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